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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Here are some things I did not know two weeks ago.

  • There are a startling number of Chinese take-away places here. Even Berry Hill, the tiny neighbouring village, has one.

  • Almost all the Chinese take-aways we've driven past also sell fish and chips.

  • The girls are prepared to walk a five mile roundtrip - albeit a very scenic roundtrip through tiny country lanes - to buy a candy bar.

  • Stephen is not.

  • Orange is to British chocolate as peanuts are to American chocolate.

  • Bulls really do have rings through their noses. At least the ones round here do, anyway.

  • "Cheers" seems to mean "thank you" here.

  • The websites for most UK businesses do not seem to have that feature where you can use your postal code to find the store nearest to you. This is annoying.
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