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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

This weekend we're going down to Miami for the regional climbing competition.

I used Priceline to book our accommodation, and am currently feeling equal parts smugness (Yes! Four star hotel for way less than the cost a youth hostel! How efficient and thrifty!) and annoyance (Ugh, I probably bid too high. I'm sure I could have got it for even less - I can't believe I am wasting the extra money). Do most people frequently hold two or more conflicting opinions simultaneously, or it is just me?

I think I will try to persuade the family to listen to Little Women on the trip. I keep suggesting the book to the kids, but for some reason they all resist it like mad. Well, I suppose Stephen thinks it is a bit girly for him (though he's wrong) but it should be right up the girls' street. They both loved The Secret Garden, Pollyanna, A Little Princess and Heidi, and I think Little Women falls right into that category. I particularly want them to read or listen to Little Women, because I'd like to visit Louisa May Alcott's house when we are in Boston in July. Something that I didn't know till recently was that Louisa May Alcott was a home-educated almost-Unitarian. I have March : A Novel on hold at the library, it looks fascinating. Hope I have time to read it before all the move stuff hots up.

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