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Monday, May 09, 2005

Oddly enough, we ended up doing the same things on Saturday and Sunday.

On both days we slept in, ate a late breakfast, followed it up with a bike ride and a trip to the climbing gym, and watched a movie in the evening.

On Saturday night we saw The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which was cheerful and distracting and stayed close enough to the spirit of the book to please us, and tonight we watched The Chorus at home. Stephen went to sleep but the girls enjoyed it. It's a sweet movie that luckily manages to dodge gooiness. It is nice that everyone can manage subtitles these days.

I felt rather old and jaundiced on Saturday night : there was a group of teenage girls in front of us, and all the giggling and self-conscious aren't-I-adorable frolicking,which included winsome barefoot toe-pointing, was rather nauseating. I felt better when some older teen guy told them to shut the fuck up. At least it wasn't just my advanced age that made me think they were utterly annoying. We saw them after the movie, pretending to play on the kids' play structure, with much posing and giggling. I can vaguely remember doing similar things at fourteen or so, and, well, for the record, I'd just like to say sorry to all the people who I ever encountered at that age.

Here are some pictures from today's bike ride.

This first one is my favourite picture. It's the girls in front of the lake that we rode to this morning.

The rest are shots we took on the ride to the lake ....

Sophie in sunglasses, on top of our "For Sale" sign. Is that not a ridiculously huge sign?
The bike track through the fields beyond our house
A horse next to an orange grove
The redneck haunt where we had a soda before riding home. Mainly frequented by people who ride very big motor bikes, have dyed their hair improbable colours, and have ill-conceived and ill
-applied tattoos.
Me, enjoying a beautiful mother's day morning
Trees. Every time a new housing development goes up, this is the kind of growth that the bulldozers raze. In general, they don't save a single tree; instead, they start over, planting tiny saplings around the houses. It's cheaper, apparently. Tragic.

And before I go to bed, here is the quote of the day, from Emily : on learning that this month's book group choice is an anthology, edited by Nadine Gordimer, containing stories by many wonderful writers, she exclaimed "Cool! Is there one in there by Judy Blume?"

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