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Friday, April 01, 2005

It's hot today - got right up to 90 degrees, according to Bobby's weather station thingy.

We had a house full of kids this afternoon - I hosted a homeschool co-op here, and afterwards the kids swam and played on the trampoline. When we do things like that, it feels just like it used to feel when we lived in Durban. This house, although it looks very different to our Durban house, has the same sort of flow out to the pool - lovely when you have lots of people over.

I'm going to miss this sort of thing when we move.

But, I like change, generally. And I've got to the stage now where, if we decided that we weren't going to move after all, I'd feel disappointed. I'd have an awful "what now?" feeling, I think.

We're going to Gainesville again tomorrow for the next climbing comp. We need to be there at nine, so we need to leave here at 6.30-ish. Ugh. At least we don't have to spring forward till Sunday. (Spring forward my foot - in my family it's more like lurching forward and then collapsing.) Why are all these farmers watching clocks anyway? Aren't they supposed to be in tune with nature, and follow the timeless rhythms of the seasons? I vote we leave them to their own rural devices, and the rest of us will make appropriate use of that wonderful invention, the electric light bulb.

It's true that I will eventually get over my lost hour, and be able to enjoy the long summer evenings. But the transition phase - ugh.

Bobs will have to download a new book for us tonight, to listen to on the road tomorrow. On the last couple of trips, we've listened to Elizabeth Enright's Spiderweb for Two (delightful, one I'd remembered from my own childhood) and Blue Balliott's (can that be her real name? Blue? I wonder if her siblings also have colourful names) Chasing Vermeer (intriguing and fun).

I am enjoying this pre-moving interlude. It's sort of the calm before the storm I guess... I know things are going to get crazy pretty soon - selling the house, finding a removal company, organising storage, deciding which city to live in, finding a job, finding a home, finding schools - but right now, oddly enough, life feels very calm and tranquil.

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