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Saturday, April 16, 2005

The Good

Today's history co-op was lovely. We're reading about Ancient Greece (and thanks again to Jenniffer for the CD's) so the mom who was hosting organised a mini-Olympics for the kids. Gorgeous weather, happy kids ... Sophie had a blast.

Borders is having their teacher appreciation weekend - lots of freebies, and 25% off all books, music and cafe purchases. The kids and I spent a very pleasant hour there this evening and returned suitably sugared (them), caffeinated (me) and bearing new books (all of us).

The kids and I are looking forward to going to Jacksonville tomorrow.

If we get home early enough, we're going to have a chocolate fondue. (To placate the kids; they were wracked with envy when they found out where we went on Wednesday). If we don't get home early enough, the fondue'll be a Monday night treat.

We're having lunch with Jennifer and her family on Sunday.

It's book group Sunday night. We read these stories this month. I found them very powerful.

The Bad

Bobby is in a slump and says he doesn't feel like going to Jax tomorrow. This is weird because normally he loves the competitions. Hopefully he will wake up feeling more like his usual self tomorrow. If he doesn't, I guess the kids and I will go on our own and hope that a day of utter calm and quiet restores Bobby. Actually, I could probably do with some utter calm and quiet myself. Or maybe not. If I stayed here I'd only end up cleaning the house, which would make me far more morose and bitter than when I started.

The Very Very Bad

I have got two quotes for shipping Moo to the UK in October (the soonest that UK regulations would allow him in). It looks as though it would cost in the region of $2500.

The Sort-Of Funny

I told Bobby and Stephen the bad news about Moo separately. They both thought for a little while and then said "Wouldn't it be cheaper to hire someone to smuggle him to England?"

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