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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Enjoyable : today's mini-hike through a nature preserve, where Ranger Amy taught the kids to identify various plants and animals. Very cool. And very cute seeing Sophie walking hand-in-hand with one of her friends.

Not enjoyable : the guy who came to give me a quote for moving our furniture reeked of cigarettes, and kept standing too close to me. Yick.

Unusual: a lovely long, chatty, 6pm phonecall from Bobby's folks (midnight their time). Usually they are rather terse and tense on the phone and very conscious of the minutes ticking by and the phone bill mounting up.

A little odd : Sophie has made herself a Homeschool Schedule (inspired by the free planner we got at Borders the other day). It goes : read 2 chapters of my book; write two paragraphs of my story; 3 math exercises, play Scrabble, science experiment; jump on trampoline; Latin; History. And God forbid if I try to persuade her to deviate from it. She's stuck to her schedule all week thus far.

Reason to be sad we're moving : got the Hearthsong catalogue in the mail today; it is chock-a-block with wonderful and intriguing things, none of which it is practical to buy right before a move.

Reason to be happy we're moving: Em signed up for cheerleading at school and loves it. Oh the horror. She is teaching Sophie all her cheers. Bobby, Stephen and I strongly disapprove of this but the girls don't care.

Proof of my efficiency : tidy closets, shampooed carpets, clean tiles, sparkly bathrooms and folded laundry.

Proof of my inefficiency : this evening's quick trip to the grocery store to buy flour so I could fulfil Steve's request for pancakes for breakfast tomorrow resulted in my returning from the store with nutella, stawberries, bananas, bread and milk. Only when putting the groceries away did I remember what I'd actually set out to buy.

Annoying : I should go to sleep - I have to be up early tomorrow morning - but I'm not at all tired yet. I will be tired tomorrow morning, though ...

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