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Friday, February 04, 2005

This is a newborn manatee nursing!

I took my parents up to Blue Spring this morning : I wanted them to see the manatees before the weather gets warmer and the manatees leave the spring. While we were there, a mother manatee gave birth to her baby!

We watched the mother and her new baby swim up the spring run to the spring itself. Other manatees accompanied them; one in particular kept touching flippers with the mother, and repeatedly helped the baby up to the surface to breathe. We feel so lucky to have witnessed this; it was very, very moving. Manatees are amazing creatures; they are so gentle, and so affectionate towards one another.

I am loving having my parents here; it feels so right to have them with us. I am worried that I am going to fall apart a bit at the end of the month when they leave. Not that I am crossing my bridges before I get to them or anything.

My mom seems so healthy; I am trying (as she is) to live in the moment and assume that she is healthy, and will continue to be so. Worrying about might-be's will only spoil what's good now.

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