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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Well, my dad-in-law seems quite a bit better, but I really don't feel he'll be recovered enough to enjoy a busy weekend away from home. I have tried my best to persuade the in-laws to let me reschedule the trip (there's still time to change the accommodation booking without penalty) but they are being intransigent, and keep saying they don't want to be wet blankets and spoil things. I came right out and said that it'd spoil things more if we went with B's dad still feeling grim, and so were unable to have any fun, but it didn't really seem to sink in. So I don't know what to do; assume they're adults and know what they're doing, or go with my own judgement and possibly offend them by rescheduling anyway.

We are still trying to settle into some kind of daily rhythm, and find ways of living together. I think this is made harder by FIL's being sick, and am hoping that things will be easier once he's properly better. It's not that anyone is unhappy or irritable, in fact I think that I may be the only one who's feeling a certain tension as we all try to figure out how to move around each other. I need to get past it, though, or it's going to be a very long six weeks indeed.

The cake saga continues : it now has almond icing on it (and good grief that stuff is expensive. I couldn't let my MIL buy it, which was her plan, as it was $5 per little container, and she needed 5 of them, which would have translated to around R175). Later today the nasty hard white icing goes on. And then I guess some kind of decoration. This has been a true labour of love on my MIL's part; so far The Cake Project has taken up two full days.

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