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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I got lots done today. Bought a bed - which was pretty easy, actually. I don't know why I thought it as going to be such a big deal, it only took about a quarter of an hour altogether. Finally got the endo to write a prescription for the miniquicks; his office is supposedly faxing the prescription to the pharmacy tomorrow, so, if it all goes smoothly and they do indeed send the fax on time, the pharmacy should be able to ship it to us in time for the camping trip. Made a little headway through the insurance morass. And had a fun homeschooling day. Some of the suggested activities in the Story of the World book are really very cool. Today, for instance, we made a model of the Nile delta (think potting soil, tin-foil lined river and grass seeds which will hopefully sprout as we flood our Nile weekly). And next week we're going to mummify a chicken. Irresistibly creepy.

The meeting with the journalist tonight was quite interesting. I'm very dubious about how the article's going to come out, though. I noticed that he really latched onto the more outrageous things that some of the interviewees said, so I'm guessing that the article is going to portray both the evangelicals and liberals that he interviewed as equally loony in their different ways. We'll see though; maybe I'm wrong and will be pleasantly surprised when the article comes out.

Oh, and touch wood, but I think we've turned the corner with Emily and school.

She's cheerful in the mornings, the phone rings for her when she's home so it looks like the friend situation is resolving, and she's immensely enthusiastic about various school projects.

It'll be wonderful if she's really over the rough patch.

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