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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I'm in a state. I just opened yesterday's post, to find a bill from the endocrinologist's office. But not just any bill, a weird bill, with service dates all mixed up (there are some charges that date from March 2003, and some from last month, and a bunch from various dates inbetween). According to this, we owe them almost $1000. It's all strange charges too, I mean, what the fuck is "detailed, moderate complex-est pt", for instance? We owe them $187 for that, apparently. I don't understand why we didn't receive these bills earlier. I've paid every single amount we've been billed, on time and in full - it seems so cruel that all these mystery charges should arrive out of the blue.

I called the customer service people and they were massively, obnoxiously, stonily unhelpful. I really want to talk to Bobby about it but he's doubtless still asleep (3 hour time difference) and besides, it seems wrong to dump this on him right before he goes into a stressful meeting.

I hate this.

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