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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

We were really lucky this time round : no major damage, and we got our power back yesterday afternoon.

The clean-up is going to take a while, though. Bobby got rid of some of the fallen tree (had to buy a chain-saw, sigh, all these boring yet expensive items that we keep acquiring) but it'll take at least another full day's work to finish it up. The back yard is pretty much swamp - not sure how long it'll take to drain - and the pool screen has some rips in it, which is a pain. But, it could have been so much worse.

Oh, the one really annoying thing is that Em's injection device (it's a pen-like thing, with an LCD that tells you how much you're injecting) got wet. I had it in a cooler with some ice, and the ice leaked out of its bag. So the LCD is not working. I have taken it apart, and I'm hoping that it'll start working again when it dries out properly, but I suspect we may need to replace it. I have no idea whether insurance will cover it ...

The kids have the day off school today, so I think we're going to look for something fun to do. Not sure what, and it has to be something that Bobby doesn't enjoy, or else he'll be all morby and despondent when he gets home from the salt-mine and discovers that we've been frolicking while he's been slaving.

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