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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Oppressive pre-storm light, taken on on Saturday evening. The rain and the sunset and the pool screen all worked together to create the strange light.

Next morning ... our flooded street. A lot wetter than after Charley, but infinitely less chaotic. Last time, the roads were completely impassable.

And our own personal back-yard swamp.

Poor tree. Poor trampoline. The tree that's still semi-standing in the picture ended up coming down as well. I really loved those trees ... Still, at least the big oak in the front yard is still standing. We're going to plant palms to replace the two magnolias that we lost; they're attractive, and we know they can stand up to high winds.

Bobby in action with the chain saw.

And finally, some neighbourhood kids harnessed the post-storm wind really creatively. They managed to achieve quite impressive (and frightening-looking) speeds.

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